Corriente Advisors


Corriente Advisors is a hedge fund based in Fort Worth, TX. Corriente Advisors was founded in 2004 and has approximately $111.2 million in assets under management (AUM). The firm has 6 employees and specializes in Multi Strategy.

Contact Info

Corriente Advisors

201 Main Street, Suite 1800

Fort Worth, TX 76102
United States
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Phone: 1 817-870-0400

Fax: 1 817-870-0401

Main email: Email Available

Employment email: Email Available

Key Stats

Assets under management: $111.2 million

12 month change in AUM: -14.9%

# of employees: 6

Year founded: 2004

# of clients: More than 100

Form of Incorporation: Limited Liability Company

Investment strategies: Multi Strategy

Hiring status: Hiring status available

Key Employees

Mark Hart, General Partner
James Haddaway, President
Robert Lydick, Partner and Counsel - Email Available

Full Information

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