Hyperion Decimus

Hyperion Decimus is a hedge fund manager based in Maitland, FL. They were founded in 2018. Hyperion Decimus invests using crypto and quantitative investment strategies.

Address and Contact Info for Hyperion Decimus

Hyperion Decimus

225 S Swoope Ave., Suite 104
Maitland, FL 32751

Website: https://www.hyperiondecimus.com/

Phone: (1) 407-801-1408


number of employees Hyperion Decimus# of employees:

Hyperion Decimus assets under management (AUM)Assets Under Management (AUM): more AUM info for Hyperion Decimus

investment strategiesInvestment Strategies: Crypto, Quantitative

fund is sec registered?SEC Registered: No

main email addressMain Fund Email: xxx@hyperiondecimus.com more info

Leadership for Hyperion Decimus

Haim Bodek contact infoHaim Bodek – Managing Principal:
xxx@hyperiondecimus.commore info

Stanislav Dolgopolov contact infoStanislav Dolgopolov – Chief Regulatory Officer

executive contactChris Sullivan – Portfolio Manager:
xxx@hyperiondecimus.commore info

executive contactSamuel Ames – Investor Relations:
xxx@hyperiondecimus.commore info

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