Vontobel is a hedge fund manager based in New York, NY. They have 19 professional employees. Vontobel invests using global macro and emerging markets investment strategies.

Address and Contact Info for Vontobel


1540 Broadway, 38th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Website: http://www.vusa.com

Phone: (1) 212-415-7000

Fax: (1) 212-354-6805


number of employees Vontobel# of employees: 19

Vontobel assets under management (AUM)Assets Under Management (AUM): more AUM info for Vontobel

investment strategiesInvestment Strategies: Global Macro, Emerging Markets

fund is sec registered?SEC Registered: No

main email addressMain Fund Email: xxx@vusa.com more info

Leadership for Vontobel

Thomas Wittwer contact infoThomas Wittwer – Managing Director:
xxx@vusa.commore info

Joseph Mastoloni contact infoJoseph Mastoloni – Chief Compliance Officer:
xxx@vusa.commore info

executive contactCharles Falck – Chief Operating Officer:
xxx@vusa.commore info

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