Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

Wilbanks Smith & Thomas is a hedge fund manager based in Norfolk, VA. They have 35 professional employees. Wilbanks Smith & Thomas primarily utilizes a global equity strategy.

Address and Contact Info for Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

150 West Main Street, Suite 1700
Norfolk, VA 23510

Website: http://www.wstam.com

Phone: (1) 757-623-3676

Fax: (1) 757-627-2943


number of employees Wilbanks Smith & Thomas# of employees: 35

Wilbanks Smith & Thomas assets under management (AUM)Assets Under Management (AUM): $1.58 billion more AUM info for Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

investment strategiesInvestment Strategies: Global Equity

fund is sec registered?SEC Registered: No

main email addressMain Fund Email: xxx@wstam.com more info

main email addressHR Email: xxx@wstam.com more info

Leadership for Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

Wayne F. Wilbanks contact infoWayne F. Wilbanks – Managing Principal:
xxx@wstam.commore info

Lawrence A. Bernert, III contact infoLawrence A. Bernert, III – Principal and Portfolio Manager:
xxx@wstam.commore info

executive contactRoger Scheffel – Portfolio Manager:
xxx@wstam.commore info

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