Winston Partners

Winston Partners is a hedge fund manager based in Arlington, VA. They have 2 professional employees. Winston Partners primarily utilizes a global equity strategy.

Address and Contact Info for Winston Partners

Winston Partners

3030 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22201


Phone: (1) 703-905-9555


number of employees Winston Partners# of employees: 2

Winston Partners assets under management (AUM)Assets Under Management (AUM): $1.3 billion more AUM info for Winston Partners

investment strategiesInvestment Strategies: Global Equity

fund is sec registered?SEC Registered: No

main email addressMain Fund Email: more info

main email addressHR Email: more info

Leadership for Winston Partners

Marvin P. Bush contact infoMarvin P. Bush – Co-Founder and Managing Partner:
xxx@winstonpartners.commore info

Jonathan D. Scanlon contact infoJonathan D. Scanlon – Managing Partner:
xxx@winstonpartners.commore info

executive contactJayson Ward – Partner:
xxx@winstonpartners.commore info

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