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Top 50 Hedge Funds in the United Kingdom 2021

2021 Top 50 UK Hedge Funds Overview

There are some minor changes for the 2021 top hedge fund rankings versus the list of top UK hedge funds for 2020. Global macro remains the most popular strategy among the top hedge funds in the UK.

Capula Investment Management, with over $100 billion USD in assets is the largest hedge fund in the UK, as well as Europe as a whole. Man Group and Brevan Howard, with $64 billion and $58 billion in AUM respectively, rank second and third among the biggest UK hedge funds.

The UK’s top 50 hedge funds manage a combined $432 billion USD / £315 billion GBP in assets. The four largest hedge funds in Europe are all based in London.

Top 50 Hedge Funds in the UK 2021

List of the 50 biggest UK hedge funds for 2021 ranked by assets under management (AUM)

RankFund NameCityCountryAUMOther Strategies
1.0Capula Investment Management LLPLondonUnited Kingdom105,951.6Absolute Returns, Credit
2.0Man GroupLondonUnited Kingdom64,740.6Global Macro, Convertibles, Crypto
3.0Brevan Howard Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom58,630.0Global Macro, Commodities
4.0Lansdowne PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom31,740.0Absolute Returns, Global Macro, Long/Short
5.0Arrowgrass Capital PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom21,208.4Convertibles, Multi Strategy, Credit
6.0Marshall WaceLondonUnited Kingdom18,854.4Global Macro, Multi Strategy
7.0Aviva InvestorsLondonUnited Kingdom16,044.9Convertibles, Multi Strategy, Global Equity
8.0LMR PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom15,350.0Global Macro, Event Driven
9.0InvestcorpLondonUnited Kingdom14,932.5Convertibles
10.0BlueCrest Capital ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom9,000.0Multi Strategy, Managed Futures, Emerging Markets, Global Macro
11.0Blue Mountain Capital PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom7,100.0Managed Futures, Credit
12.0The Children's Investment Fund FoundationLondonUnited Kingdom7,000.0Long/Short
13.0Edgbaston Investment PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom6,336.6Asian Equity
14.0Investec Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom6,210.0Multi Strategy
15.0Stone Milliner Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom5,380.0FX, Global Macro, Fixed Income, Emerging Markets
16.0Cantab Capital PartnersCambridgeUnited Kingdom4,910.0Global Macro, Quantitative
17.0Cyrus Capital PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom4,703.5Special Situations, Arbitrage, Distressed Assets, Credit
18.0Highclere International InvestorsLondonUnited Kingdom4,325.8Small Cap
19.0Altima PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom3,656.6Special Situations
20.0RWC LondonLondonUnited Kingdom3,569.9Absolute Returns, Long/Short, Emerging Markets
21.0Oceanwood Capital ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom3,347.4Credit, Distressed Assets
22.0Rokos Capital ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom2,194.2Global Macro
23.0Cheyne CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2,007.9Real Estate, Fixed Income, Long/Short, Convertibles
24.0Ashmore Investment ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom1,686.0Emerging Markets, Multi Strategy, Fixed Income
25.036 South Capital AdvisorsLondonUnited Kingdom1,546.9Global Macro
26.0Algebris InvestmentsLondonUnited Kingdom1,375.6Credit, UCITS, Emerging Markets, Global Macro
27.0Argentem Creek UK LLPLondonUnited Kingdom1,036.9Credit, Emerging Markets
28.0BaringsLondonUnited Kingdom914.2Fund of Funds, Multi Strategy
29.0Systematica InvestmentsLondonUnited Kingdom797.8Commodities
30.0Polar Capital PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom674.9Long/Short, Convertibles
31.0Egerton CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom631.8Long/Short
32.0H2O Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom572.4Absolute Returns, Fixed Income, Long/Short, Global Macro
33.0Janus HendersonLondonUnited Kingdom535.0Global Macro, Long/Short
34.0Wimmer HorizonLondonUnited Kingdom475.8Managed Futures, Commodities, FX
35.0AlcentraLondonUnited Kingdom438.0Distressed Assets
36.0Finisterre CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom431.6Fixed Income, FX, Special Situations, Emerging Markets
37.0Squarepoint OpsLondonUnited Kingdom431.2Quantitative
38.0HSBC Alternative InvestmentsLondonUnited Kingdom425.2Multi Strategy, Global Macro, Emerging Markets, Fund of Funds
39.0CQS Investment Management LimitedLondonUnited Kingdom392.8Multi Strategy, Convertibles, Long/Short, Fixed Income
40.0Winton Capital ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom370.1Managed Futures, Absolute Returns, Long/Short
41.0Toscafund Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom289.0Long/Short, Event Driven, Real Estate, Credit
42.0MKP Capital EuropeLondonUnited Kingdom219.5Multi Strategy
43.0Odey Asset ManagementLondonUnited Kingdom219.5Absolute Returns, Long/Short
44.0Insight InvestmentLondonUnited Kingdom210.2Fixed Income
45.0Lindsell Train LimitedLondonUnited Kingdom197.5Fixed Income, Asian Equity, Global Macro, Long/Short
46.0CapeView Capital LLPLondonUnited Kingdom179.6Credit, Long/Short
47.0Oxford Asset ManagementOxfordUnited Kingdom147.2Absolute Returns, Global Macro
48.0Lindengrove Capital LlpLondonUnited Kingdom136.2Global Macro
49.0Two Sigma International LimitedLondonUnited Kingdom94.4Long/Short
50.0GSA CapitalLondonUnited Kingdom2.0

Key Stats on Top 50 UK Hedge Funds in 2021

Top hedge funds in UK 202148 of the top 50 UK hedge fund managers are based in London Top hedge funds in UK 20211 of the top 50 hedge funds in the UK for 2021 is based in Cambridge Top hedge funds in United Kingdom1 of the 50 largest hedge funds for 2021 is based in Oxford  
top 50 hedge funds UK 2021 AUMThe top 50 hedge fund companies in the UK have $431 billion USD / £315 billion GBP in assets under management (AUM) top 50 hedge funds EU 2021 average AUMThe average AUM of the top 50 hedge funds in Europe for 2021 is $8.63 billion USD / £6.30 billion GBP top 50 hedge funds UK median AUMThe median AUM of the top 50 hedge funds for 2021 is $1.46 billion USD / £1.07 billion GBP top 50 Lonfon hedge funds 2021 # of employeesThe average number of employees at the top 50 European hedge funds is 22
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