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Top 50 Long/Short Hedge Funds 2023

2023 Top 50 Long/Short Hedge Funds Overview

The 50 biggest long-short hedge funds collectively manage almost one trillion in assets.

Bridgewater Associates, with over $235 billion USD in assets is the largest long/short hedge fund manager in the US, as well as the world as a whole. Two Sigma International and Viking Global Investors, with $81 billion and $60 billion in AUM respectively, rank second and third among the biggest L/S hedge funds.

What are long/short hedge funds?
Long/short hedge funds are a type of hedge fund that takes both long and short positions in securities. Long positions are bets that the price of an asset will rise, while short positions are bets that the price of an asset will fall. By taking both long and short positions, long/short hedge funds can reduce their overall risk and generate returns in both rising and falling markets.

Long/short hedge funds typically use a variety of factors to identify undervalued and overvalued assets, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and quantitative analysis. Once an asset has been identified as undervalued or overvalued, the fund will take a long or short position accordingly.

2023 Largest Long Short  (L/S Equity) Hedge Funds by AUM

Top 50 Long/Short Hedge Funds, 2023

List of the 50 biggest L/S hedge funds for 2023, ranked by assets under management (AUM)

Key Stats on Top 50 Long/Short Hedge Funds in 2023

Top l/s hedge funds in US 202331 of the top 50 L/S hedge fund managers are based in the United States

Top long/short hedge funds in UK 20239 of the top 50 long/short hedge funds are based in the United Kingdom

Top long/short equity hedge funds3 of the 50 largest long/short hedge funds for 2023 iare based in France


top 50 long/short hedge funds2023 AUMThe top 50 long/short hedge fund companies in the world have $994 billion in AUM

top 50 L/S hedge funds2023 average AUMThe average AUM of the top 50 L/S hedge funds for 2023 is $19.9 billion USD

top 50 long short funds median AUMThe median AUM of the top 50 long short hedge funds for 2023 is $10.1 billion USD

top 50 London hedge funds 2023 # of employeesThe average number of employees at the top 50 UK hedge funds is 30

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