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Top 25 Credit Hedge Funds 2021

2021 Top 25 Largest Credit Hedge Funds Overview

The 25 largest credit and fixed income hedge funds manage $960 billion in assets as of early 2021. 88% of the top credit hedge funds are based in the United States. 52% of the largest fixed income hedge funds are based in New York.

With $105 billion in AUM, Capula Investment Management is the largest credit hedge fund manager in 2021. Ares Management and Elliott Management rank two and three, respectively, among the biggest credit hedge funds.

Credit hedge funds tend to be among the largest hedge funds based on investment strategy/style. Credit funds invest in a variety of debt instruments including corporate and sovereign bonds. They may also invest in various derivatives related to credit instruments including swaps and options.

The below list of top fixed income hedge funds includes hedge fund companies operating at least one hedge fund vehicle investing in credit securities and related.

Top 25 Credit Hedge Funds 2021

List of the 25 biggest fixed income hedge funds for 2021 ranked by assets under management (AUM)

RankFund NameCityCountryAUMOther Strategies
1.0Capula Investment Management LLPLondonUnited Kingdom105,951.6Absolute Returns, Credit
2.0Ares ManagementLos AngelesUnited States99,062.0Managed Futures, Fixed Income, Consumer Products
3.0Elliott ManagementNew YorkUnited States73,511.3Global Equity, Credit, Event Driven, Commodities
4.0Structured Portfolio ManagementStamfordUnited States64,740.6ABS, Fixed Income
5.0GramercyGreenwichUnited States61,347.7Multi Strategy, Emerging Markets, Distressed Assets
6.0Cerberus Capital ManagementNew YorkUnited States61,347.7Credit, Real Estate, Private Equity
7.0Angelo Gordon & Co.New YorkUnited States56,276.9Real Estate, Fixed Income, Managed Futures, Multi Strategy
8.0Oaktree Capital ManagementLos AngelesUnited States38,350.0Fixed Income, Real Estate, Distressed Assets
9.0Bracebridge CapitalBostonUnited States36,808.8Absolute Returns, Commodities, Credit
10.0Symmetry InvestmentsHong KongHong Kong36,435.0Credit
11.0Apollo CapitalNew YorkUnited States32,680.0Managed Futures, Credit
12.0Anchorage Capital GroupNew YorkUnited States28,296.1Credit, Event Driven, Long/Short
13.0Brigade Capital ManagementNew YorkUnited States26,756.0Managed Futures, Distressed Assets, Long/Short, Credit
14.0King Street Capital ManagementNew YorkUnited States24,504.6Global Macro, FX, Long/Short, Distressed Assets
15.0Magnetar CapitalEvanstonUnited States22,958.1Multi Strategy, Managed Futures, Event Driven, Credit
16.0Centerbridge Partners LPNew YorkUnited States21,711.4Multi Strategy, Distressed Assets, Managed Futures, Credit
17.0Arrowgrass Capital PartnersLondonUnited Kingdom21,208.4Convertibles, Multi Strategy, Credit
18.0Saba CapitalNew YorkUnited States21,208.4Credit
19.0Varde PartnersMinneapolisUnited States20,980.3Distressed Assets, Event Driven, Credit
20.0MJX Asset ManagementNew YorkUnited States20,980.3CDO, Credit
21.0Appaloosa ManagementShort HillsUnited States19,100.0Global Equity, Fixed Income, Distressed Assets
22.0Knighthead Capital Management, LLCNew YorkUnited States17,719.1Long/Short, Credit, Event Driven
23.0Litespeed ManagementNew YorkUnited States16,417.6Fixed Income, Distressed Assets
24.0KLS DiversifiedNew YorkUnited States15,891.6Fixed Income, Commodities
25.0CarVal InvestorsMinneapolisUnited States15,734.0Fixed Income, Real Estate

Key Stats on Top 25 Credit Hedge Funds – 2021

Top credit hedge funds 202122 of the top 25 credit hedge fund managers are based in the United States Top hedge funds investing in bonds 20212 of the top 25 credit hedge funds for 2021 are based in the UK largest credit funds 20211 of the 25 largest fixed income funds for 2021 is based in Hong Kong

top credit hedge funds 2021 by AUMThe top 25 credit hedge fund companies have $960.0 billion USD in assets under management (AUM)

top 25 hedge funds credit average AUMThe average AUM of the top 25 cfixed income funds for 2021 is $39.4 billion USD

largest hedge funds median AUMThe median AUM of the top 25 credit hedge funds for 2021 is $26.8 billion USD

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